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Selecting a Matte Finish

Many people have come to associate good pottery with a glassy finish, but there are times when selecting a matte finish might be a good investment. While there have been plenty of pieces glazed to create a look of fine glass, a matte finish could seem dull in comparison. Those who are looking past the finish will see that the piece offers them more than a smooth surface, and it could be just what they need to create the tableaux they want for their home or office space.

Texture is a large part of any pottery piece, but smooth sides have become very attractive over the past few centuries as glazes have improved. Artists want to please their clientele, so many of them have taken the time to learn how to best use these glassy glazes customers expect. Those who are more interested in exploring other options have begun to use more matte finishes that highlight added textures instead of gloss.

Pressing shapes into clay is easy enough, but it is often considered a primitive way to create art. Modern artists have begun once again to return to ancient ways in search of new forms for their pieces, and they have found matching them with colorful but matte finishes brings out the best in their works. They see it as a way to highlight something other than shiny colors and finishes, and they give their customers an opportunity to enjoy a different vision.

There will always be a large market for those who want pottery pieces with a glossy finish, but those looking for something different might find matte finishes suitable for their needs. Exploring new ways to bring art into the world is part of the vision professionals employ to create unique pieces of art, so matte finishes are likely to be seen more often.